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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What do you do when there is no one there?

So, as much technical and financial startup new businesses can require, there is also the emotional.
You may read this and think that this post is a little touchy feely. It may be. But, if you haven't experienced real disappointment yet, brace yourself, it will come.

In my varied background, I have experience as a realtor. Someone once told me, "Dont get in this business if you can't take it that your Grandma may list with someone else."
It's true. As it is with web, retail, design and any other business.

What do you do when your support system has let you down. When those you have trusted are no longer reliable, or worse yet, they try to sabotage your business in some way.
Hurtful? Yes. Life changing? Maybe. A sign to throw in the towel? No, definitely not.
There is nothing that knocks the wind out of you more than a little betrayal.

But, here is the solution to your new found suffocation...... So what? So what if your closest friend throws you in front of the bus. Who are they? Why do we care? Because we are human, women, and possibly emotional (totally, me), that is why we care. But, no one is your bigger advocate than yourself. Your friends betrayal.......(listen to me closely)...... it is their problem!

You need a confident sales person for your business, and that person should be you. Business brings about many obstacles and it is when we pass the first one, that we gain the courage to jump over the next. "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again".

Really, no one can get in your way but yourself. Show those that doubt you, that they really are as stupid as they have acted. Remove them from your life and get going again.

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  1. This is exactly what I try to explain and preach to my own social network at WAHM Addicts. Very well written. This blog is an excellent source for those working from home. Thank you!