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Monday, February 2, 2009

Cool Applications for Your Iphone

It sometimes seems a little daunting to hunt and find that applications for your Iphone. The BWN has found a few that are genius in helping us balance their life a little better. Here are a few tools to aide you in all of the aspects of juggling your life.

Women Calendar: This application from Apptism tracks your monthly visitor. No more guessing or being unprepared for that time of the month.

Emergency Info: The ICE iPhone application provides emergency personnel or EMT's vital information that might save your life.

Here's a really cool application for the iPhone: Heart Monitor uses the iPhone microphone—especially the one built into your headphones—to record and track your heartbeat from your chest, wrist or neck.

Now you can control your computer from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Install a VNC server on the one you want to control and setup the details in your device by downloading VNsea.

Do you find yourself in dark allies or like me walking out into pitch blackness with no light source? This easy application for a flashlight is a great way to ensure that you don't do what I do and literally run into my car in the dark.

Are you a Twitter Geek. Great news! Iphone has made an application to help you in your social media experience. Now you can Twitter from anywhere!

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